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Use the following Internet sites to reinforce curriculum based learning.
Each picture is linked to the listed activity.
***Only the games listed on this page may be used in school.***
***DO NOT go from one of these games to another game that is not on this page***

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(NJ-CCCS Language Arts Literacy 3.2 C)

Link to Coconut Vowels game

Coconut Vowels - match missing letters to the correct word coconut

Link to Spelling Match

Spelling Match Game - Match the word with its missing letter.  Place the cursor over the word to hear what it is.  Click play again after the treasure chest is opened.

Link to Spin and Spell game

Spin and Spell - click on the picture to hear the word and see if you can spell it.

Link to Word Builder

Word Builder - Click and drag to arrange the letters to spell the word you hear.

Link to Word Match game

Word Match - Click the pictures and drag them to the box with the matching word.

Letter "a"

Word Scramble - Spell the word to match the picture.

 (NJ-CCCS Language Arts Literacy 3.1 B)

Bookworm - linked to "Learn to read" on

Learn to Read - phonics and early reading activities

Link to Alien Scavenger Hunt

Alien Scavenger Hunt - Letter sound recognition.

Link to Alien Scavenger Hunt2

Alien Scavenger Hunt 2 - Letter sound recognition

Link to Blending Bowl on Between the Lions

Blending Bowl - blend beginning and ending sounds to make words.

Link to Chicken Stacker game on Between the Lions

Chicken Stacker - learn short vowel sounds.

Link to Construct a Word on

Construct a Word - Choose beginning and ending sounds to make words. From ReadWriteThink.

Digby Mole

Digby Moles's Word games

Link to Fuzzy Lion Ears on

 Fuzzy Lion Ears - choose the correct letter to complete each word.

Long O

Phonics Activites-This link leads you to a variety of activities - scroll down to click on the activity of your choice. Below are links to some of the activities.

1. Long Vowel Sounds
3. Beginning Consonant Digraphs
4. Word drop - High frequency word practice

Lion cub image linked to Pounce game

 Pounce - click on the word that matches the sound

word blender

Word Blender - find the beginning and ending sounds to make a word.
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(NJ-CCCS Language Arts Literacy 3.2)

Link to story starters on scholastic

Story Starters from Scholastic. Use the ideas to write your own sentences, descriptions, notes, stories, and more.
(NJ-CCCS Language Arts Literacy 3.1)

A very short video of author Emily Jenkins' visit on
October 16, 2015

Click here for links to the online editions of the Reading Series books

Link to

Jan Brett Videos

Decorate a Gingerbread house

Book- linked to Fun to Read on

It's Fun to Read - Short interactive stories for beginning readers


Arthur Stories for you to unscramble - Children must unscramble parts of the story and can hear it read to them. This requires shockwave which is available right on the page, (it takes from 3 to 6 minutes to download if you don't have it.)

Screen Shot 2014 03 16 at 6.42.35 PM 300x220 Unite for Literacy offers free early literacy ebooks

E-books (free e-books from Unite for Literacy) Click on the speaker button on each page to hear the words.

Link to clover story on starfall

Find a Four-Leaf Clover - an interactive story for you to read.

Link to "I Spy" on KidPsych

I Spy - read the words and find the picture (A good reading readiness activity.)

Rose image - linked to Plant a Flower on

Plant a Flower - read and listen to follow the instructions.

Link to Raz-Kids eBooks

Raz-Kids - A site that delivers hundreds of interactive, leveled eBooks spanning 29 levels.

Teacher (Class) Usernames:
  • djacob0 - Mrs. Jacob's class
  • mreilly11 - Mrs. Reilly's class
  • ascurall - Mrs. Scuralli's class

Link to TumbleBooks

TumbleBook Library  - e-books for e-kids.

Lion image linked to WordPlay game

Word Play - click on the words and watch them play.
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(NJ-CCCS Language Arts Literacy 3.1 H)

Link to BrainPop Jr.

BrainPop Jr. - Standards based animated videos on all subjects. (Our subscription is for school hours M-F. Username: northendsc, for password ask Mrs. Leddy)


Winter Video Friendship Video

Link to Encyclopedia Britannica Digital Learning

Britannica School (Elementary Version) - short and easy encyclopedia articles for early learners. No username or password needed in school. To use at home: username - north
password - end

Timeline - Interactive timeline by ReadWriteThink

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(NJ-CCCS Mathematics 4.5)

Link to basic addition

Basic Addition - from

Link to basic subtraction

Basic Subtraction - from

Count Hoot

Count Hoot's Number Games (Add or Subtract) (From BBC)

Link to "count the cubes" on

Count the Cubes - from

Link to Fraction Balls on

Fraction Balls - Learn how to identify fractions

Link to First Grade on Macmillan McGraw-Hill Math

Macmillan McGraw-Hill Math Textbook Resources

math cats magic chalkboard

MathCats - "Join the Math Cats in a land of creative, open-ended math explorations!"

Linked to - First grade Math games guided by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Spaceship image linked to Spacey Math

SpaceyMath - use your math skills to stop the aliens.

Link to Which Number is Missing? from The Hoobs

Which Number is Missing? - Click on the number that is missing.

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(NJ-CCCS Science 5.0)

Link to A-Z Animals

A - Z Animals - An online animal encyclopedia

Link to "About Cats"

About Cats - Feline education for youngsters

Link to habitats on the San Diego Zoo site.

Animal Habitats - from the San Diego Zoo Animals website. Each habitat page has a tab that tells About the habitat and a tab that says View Animals.

Link to The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about that - nocturnal hat game

Cat in the Hat - Nocturnal Hat Hunt

Link to My

Food Pyramid Game - from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Elephant image linked to habitat game

Great Habitat Match-Up - Click and drag to match up the animals with their correct habitat. (Click on the little yellow ball under the "hand" of the school bus and then wait for the game to load.)

The Water Cycle

Water Cycle Game


Wildlife Concentration
Link to World Book for Kids - World of Animals World of Animals - information about animals from World Book for Kids.

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(NJ-CCCS Social Studies - 6.2 Civics, 6.4 US and NJ, 6.6 Geography)


(NJ-CCCS Technological Literacy 8.1 A)

keyboard image - linked to keyboard awareness

Keyboard Awareness - First click anywhere on the page then press the key on the keyboard to see and hear that letter.

Keyboarding Zoo

Keyboard Zoo - Learn where the letters are on the keyboard. From


Letter Learning - learn to identify letters and where the letters are on the keyboard.

keyboard image - linked to keyboard awareness

Typing Practice - Type the letters on the screen.

(NJ-CCCS Visual Arts 1.2 D)

Link to Carmine's color

Carmine's Color - learn about primary and secondary colors.

Link to LiteBrite online

LiteBrite - create your own LiteBrite picture online.



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(NJ-CCCS Music 1.1)

Link to NY Philharmonic Kids

New York Philharmonic KidZone

Link to Quincy and the Magic Instruments

Quincy and the Magic Instruments- from Little Einstein  

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LIFE SKILLS (Critical thinking)

  Bang on Time - read the time in words and stop the clock when it gets to the correct time, earn as many points as you can!

Bug image - link to Buggin' Out game

Buggin' Out - get the bug from the mushroom to the flower but make sure you avoid the dark clovers. Drag and drop the maze pieces to make a safe path.  Click on fly when your path is complete.

 Telling Time - from

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PowerPoint "Books" and student puzzles.

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Link to first grade on for first grade.

Link to for K and first grade

Link to Cat in the Hat on

Cat in the Hat Learning Activities

   Ms LaSalle's book written for her 2008-09 class: The Making of a Fabulous Pizza

Miss LaSalle's book written for her 2010-2011 class: I Get Gifts Everyday

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