MARCH 2006

Welcome aboard our journey to discover detailed information out about the Titanic.  We are about to explore the history of the Titanic using various websites.  You will use this document to find the answers to the questions for our Titanic scavenger hunt.  Read the questions carefully and remember to answer all parts of the questions to earn full points.  Simply hyperlink to a site and find the answers.  Good luck hunting!

The following websites will help you:

Titanic facts  and the Grave of the Titanic are two websites to help locate many interesting facts.    At these particular sites you will learn the history behind the ship, dates it sailed, where it began its journey, stopped and when it was struck.   The coordinate points to find its actual resting place are also found here.  You will be able to find out the amount of lifeboats that were on the ship versus what should have been on board the ship. Also you will be able to learn about the different “classes” of passengers on the ship. 

Titanic artifacts and pictures of the interior and exterior of the ship are found at these sites.  Here you will be able to find out about the various items that were retrieved after the ship went down and pictures of these items.    Also you can link to many pictures of the construction of the ship, its interior and exterior. 

Reports from the surviving passengers and crew as well as  tall tales  are very interesting to read.  This particular site gives us information about the people who died, accounts from the survivors after they arrived in New York, and some tall tales that you might find fascinating.

The ship's bridge puzzle is located here for your amusement.  Print a copy when you are done!